Unable to tolerate Wafa’s lifestyle, Firoz seeks divorce


Thiruvananthapuram: In an interesting development, Wafa Firoz, the woman co-passenger of Sriram Venkitaraman at the time when the car driven by the IAS officer fatally knocked down journalist K. M. Basheer, has received a divorce notice.

Wafa’s husband Firoz has sent the legal notice citing her lifestyle as the reason. Firoz has also sent a copy of the notice to the mosque committee president of Navaikulam, Wafa’s native place. The notice dated August 18, demands a response from Wafa within 45 days.

Firoz cites Wafa not following Islamic lifestyle as the main reason for the divorce notice. In the legal notice, Firoz mentions Wafa using the car he had brought only for her personal use to travel with an IAS officer near the museum here at 1 am as another reason.

Firoz also states that despite so many media reports coming out regarding the accident, Wafa is yet to tell him the truth about what had actually happed. Firoz alleges that Wafa was not ready to see him when he came to Kerala from Abu Dhabi after learning about the accident.

Firoz claims that this incident resulted in his health condition deteriorating and he had to be hospitalised. Hence, he was forced to pronounce talaq.

wafa firoz

Other reasons cited by Firoz include:

  • Travelling in public places and socialising with other men without waring purdah
  • Acting in advertisements exhibiting body parts
  • Leading a lifestyle unapproved by Islam inside and outside India
  • Aborting second pregnancy
  • Failure to perform duties of a wife
  • Denial of physical intimacy
  • Visiting nightclubs with other men and disobeying repeated directions not to do so


Author: Roky