The Out-Of-This-World Makeup Trend That’s Taking Over In 2020

The peak of party season may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to swap out your punchy makeup kit for back-to-work nudes and bronze summer shades. In fact, with the second half of festival season still to come, things are about to get interesting. And there’s one makeup trend that’s lightyears ahead of the rest: celestial makeup.

According to Pinterest, planet makeup is up 217%, and we’re already seeing professional makeup artists, beauty brands and influencers embracing intergalactic makeup. From a touch of stardust to out-of-this-world levels of sparkle, you can choose your own space adventure with this makeup trend.

Starry night eyes

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Celestial shimmer

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Constellation manicures

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Futuristic winged eyeliner

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Midnight hues

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Galactic skin

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Nebula lips

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Star-studded freckles

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Author: Roky