The Birth Of The Renaissance Of BOSS At New York Fashion Week


The different tactical priorities displayed and presented (down the runway) during New York fashion week are sometimes obscured by the similarity of goals. I think most fashion experts can agree that societal change does not obviate the importance of reviving economic status, social impact concerns and the decisive roles in shaping the style attitudes of the modern day consumer. The need to liberate style is a much talked about topic these days for menswear and womenswear respectively. One of the first and most pivotal missions in style liberation is realized by brands studying the consumers ever-changing world in which we live in.


Prompted by the recent changes in conventional business settings, forthright luxury apparel brands have made great strides in developing garment construction and style to adhere to  standards of dress for the target audience sought after. The scientific and technological revolutions in present times have begun to fulfill age-old dreams of human mastery over nature. Moreover, the apparel world has taken pride in developing these advancements. More amazingly still, through applications of textile technology to e-commerce purchasing, fashion can now transmit information faster than ever before, and rightly so.


Even with coincidental similarities and trends occurring throughout the fashion world, Hugo Boss presented its runway show by evoking comparisons with a spectacular force of nature which is reshaping and reforming its very own greatest revival.


This season, we find the BOSS man and woman in the gallery district of Chelsea, taking inspiration from the Manhattan art scene. Their curated personal style is at once confident and understated, seamlessly combining a precise BOSS approach with an easygoing spirit.


Suiting, an integral part of the BOSS heritage, is the starting point. The BOSS art of tailoring continues to evolve this season, with signature sporty influences, altered proportions and modern double-breasted silhouettes all designed to catch the eye. You see, the renaissance of the brand is placed on human experience and that is almost always a sure-fire way of connecting with consumer needs and desires.


Tailored coats are in focus – long greatcoats and capes in shearling, alpaca wool and double-faced cashmere. Impeccably crafted patchwork and stripe constructions sit alongside new takes on quilting, which extend from outerwear to sweaters, vests and pants. Structured coats contrast perfectly with fluid dresses for her, and slouchy knitwear for him.Luxurious fabrics and expert workmanship come together to refine and renew each piece. Knitwear features distinctive stripe motifs, while mixed materials are in evidence on both outerwear and accessories.


Sculptural shapes and unexpected proportions draw on architectural influences, while raw-edge finishes and stitching details further underscore the elevated feel of this curated collection.


Color is used sparingly, with a core palette of camel, mélange gray, biscuit and winter white. Accents include cool yellow together with a mix of blues brought to life with flashes of dark blush pink.


Author: Roky