Makeup Tips: Things every teenager should know

Makeup Tips: Things every teenager should know

Makeup is not just for women going to the office, for dates or functions. Makeup has now become a piece of accessory that every girl or women like to don irrespective of the place and occasion. And with the advancement in technology, teens are way too involved in the fashion and beauty world. They now care about new trends, new hacks and new skincare products. For them, the style is personal, and they love to experiment with new things that come in the market.

With this, here are some makeup hacks for our dear teens, these makeup hacks will help them achieve their perfect college look, and will boost their confidence. But girls, you also need to remember that Don’t use makeup as a crutch or try to look like somebody else, but use it to put your best face forward.So choose your best outfit, and shine by using these makeup tips.

Age is important:

It’s essential to choose the products as per your age. I know we all like to experiment with different makeup products and different looks, but it’s essential to apply makeup as per your age. You need to understand that some makeup tricks only look good on adults. For instance, the smokey eyes look and dark lips suits the runway models, but on your young face, it will look tacky.

Don’t put too much of foundation:

Your skin is fresh and tender, hence you don’t need to use too much foundation on your skin. Your skin needs to breathe, and extra use of foundation will clog the pores and will make your makeup look fake and cakey. Use a BB or CC cream, and you are good to go. You can experiment with your looks, but overdoing anything will make you look like a joker.

Highlight your best feature:

Instead of going all out with full face makeup, work on your best feature. If you think you have pretty eyes, then a nice eye makeup will be enough to enhance your look. If you think you have perfect lips, then experiment with lip colours that suit your skin.

Use little but the best quality of products:

When it comes to makeup, no one expects you to go all out, hence you should focus on buying less, but good quality makeup products. When you’re a teenager, your skin is prone to breakouts, hence using good quality products is necessary.

You’ll experiment and learn:

Being a young girl, no one expects you to master the art of makeup, so don’t be hard on yourself. Take time and your makeup skills are bound to get a gazillion times better by the time you’re 20.

Lastly, follow a good diet and drink lots of water. Look after your skin and don’t put too much makeup if not required.


Author: Roky